Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spray Park Fun

June, 2010 - Midland boasts two spray parks geared towards entertaining young children. Fortunately, one of these spray parks is on-site at their Summer Day Camp. Here are a few pics of Ella splish-splashing.

Ella's First Dance Recital

May, 2010 - Ella was rewarded for her weekly ballet/gymnastics classes with a End of the Year performance which included all levels of dancers. The highlight for her was hands-down, the costume. Her instructor, Olga, bedazzled these aspiring ballerinas in a lavish ensemble, complete with a sequined bodice, tulle skirt and crushed velvet choker-style necklace. I had to hide the outfit until the dress rehearsal for fear that she would try to sleep in it.

Being the stage lover that I am, it was so wonderful to watch Ella's eyes light up upon seeing the brightly lit stage for the first time. "You mean, I get to go up there, mommy?" During the performance I was fortunate enough to have Lily on my lap. She too was enamored with the bright lights, pretty music and beautiful costumes, excitedly proclaiming each dance number to be more beautiful than the last!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

World's Longest Bowling Game

Once a month, Ella's preschool has a Parent Interaction Day. On this day, there is no school and parents are asked to participate in a pre-determined activity with their child. Our most recent outing took place on Thursday - Earth Day. And what earth-friendly, age appropriate activity did the staff plan? BOWLING. Forget the fact that it's Earth Day and bowling has virtually no tie in with the environment (other than the fact that the earth and the ball are both round), but have you ever watched a four year old try to bowl? The balls are too heavy, so you can throw form out the window. And because these little guys are so tiny, those big heavy balls had a really hard time making it down the alley at all, let alone knocking over any pins!

Ella and her friend and fellow bowler, Macy.
The excited bowler.

She hated the shoes.

Struggling to hold the 6 pound ball.

Watch mom! Her max speed was 1.57 mph.

Of course, this was all lost on the kids, who had a great time bowling and playing with their friends and families. At the end of the game, which lasted well over one hour, scores and technique forgotten, I realized it didn't matter what we do, as long as we're doing it together.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Backyard Discoveries

I made two rather unfortunate discoveries today as I continued to poke around in our new back yard:

1) I really want to build a raised garden bed for some vegetables this year. I have never done this in the past due to our transient renter status, although I have dabbled here and there with tomatoes and herbs. So this Spring, I have started over 100 seedlings on our dining room table and yesterday, plotted out an area that I thought would get optimal sunshine. While we were outside this morning, shovels in hand, Tim pointed out that the leaves weren't out on the trees yet, so we couldn't be sure that this area would get enough sun. I did not factor leaves into the equation when choosing the area for a vegetable garden. Unfortunately, I don't think I can find a single 12' x 12' plot that will get enough full sun. The only other option is to put it on our patio, which is not that big and already houses our patio set. Once again feeling like a rookie, I have to rethink size and dimensions before moving forward. Good thing the seedlings will need a couple more weeks indoors. Frost warnings are in the forecast for next week!

2) I've been curious as to why there is an oval shaped rock garden in one of the garden beds near the back of our yard, so today I started to put the rocks into a wheel barrow to move to another location closer to the house. The kids quickly joined in, eager to help and get their hands dirty. Fifteen minutes into the project, three distinct mounds started to take shape. The words 'pet cemetery' instantly flashed through my mind, along with the recollection that the former owner did indeed bury her cats on the property. Needless to say, the rocks were replaced, and I am kinda horrified.

The Dog Whisperer

This dog came right up to Ted at the 'Calypso'
And this dog walked right up to Ted and sat on his foot. So cute!

Lunch with Tim

Check out my feather earrings! Yet another purchase from La Farmacia.

Empanadas for lunch.

Our neighbors

Horses appeared in our neighbors yard for an afternoon!

The next day, a HUGE Puerto Rican family showed up for a fiesta. Complete with their own portable deep fat fryer on wheels. They were gone by sunset.